Expertise That Counts

As a strategic partner and corporate venture group, we invest in promising companies and entrepreneurs, helping to accelerate growth by providing access to Danone's world-class expertise and resources.

Comprised of a flexible, knowledgeable team of investment and operational experts, we are committed to preserving the start-up and emerging brand autonomy. Even more, we are backed by Danone's global network, which has extensive experience with supporting businesses to scale.

Why We Are Different

At Danone Ventures, we are on a mission to create a healthy and sustainable future of food.

Dedicated to bringing health through food to as many people as possible, Danone is a leading global food & beverage company built on four businesses: Essential Dairy & Plant Based Products, Waters, Early Life Nutrition and Advanced Medical Nutrition. Danone aims to inspire healthier and more sustainable eating and drinking practices with products in over 120 countries.

The manifesto is a public declaration of our beliefs and convictions. It embodies our commitment to supporting people in their efforts to adopt healthier choices and lifestyles by caring about the health and wellness of our communities, our planet, and current and future generations.

We invest early in innovative companies that are bringing high potential emerging brands, concepts, or capabilities to the market. Then, we nurture them to the next stage of development by providing mentorship, financial assistance, operational support, and business expertise. In doing so, we help unlock the cross-fertilization potential and enable Danone to also learn from our partners.

The Danone Manifesto

As Danoners, we believe that:

Good Health is Everything to All of Us

Good health is a state of general well-being. It involves the mind as well as the body, and emotion as well as sensation.

Food is Health's Most Significant Partner

Healthy eating and drinking is an essential part of life, to build and to maintain our well-being. From the earliest times, all over the world, people have always understood this and it is still true.

Health Cannot Live Long Without Pleasure

Without appetite and delight, no-one would eat or keep eating well. Pleasure in food and beverage is a precondition of every healthy lifestyle.

Food is the Warmth Behind Every Culture

Healthy eating is an idea that goes beyond nutritional needs and appetites. Its richness is a part of every culture - always different and always special - and worth taking the time to understand.

The Wealth of Nations Grows From a Healthy Planet

Everything we eat depends on the earth that it grows in or feeds on. As gardeners of this planet, we have a duty of care and a business necessity to manage its resources responsibly and sustainably.

Research is Our Best Ally

Food is more than nature. It is the outcome of human endeavor, combining technological progress with deeper understanding of its value and its potential.

Preparing for Tomorrow is the Business of Today

New ways can and will be found, to better serve this generation and the next, and to bring healthy, affordable food and safe water to the greatest number, across the world.

Our Commitments

As Danoners, we commit:

For Health and Well-being

We will stand next to everyone's quest for good health, by encouraging diets and lifestyles that bring the most benefit in people's lives.

With the Best We Can Do, Always

We will stand by all our products and services, with pride and openness, as a guarantee of quality and integrity – whatever a consumer may choose, and wherever they may choose it.

For Every Person, At Every Age, With Pleasure

We will stand for the widest range of products and services to feed the needs and wishes of every person at every key stage of life, encouraging balanced nutritional habits or delivering specific health benefits.

For Our Own Homes

We celebrate our own diversity, and stand up for the principle that every culture has the right to enjoy its own way of eating and living well, by offering products inspired by and relevant for local needs and ideas.

For Our Planet and Its Living Heritage

We will stand together for a healthy planet and devote all our energies to protect and preserve the abundance of life and the variety of nature, in all its forms and ecosystems.

For What is Invented and What Still Needs to be Invented

We will always respect our obligation to prepare the future through new, sustainable ways to provide healthy food and access to safe water for all, by bonding with communities and stakeholders. We will keep our place at the forefront of these efforts.

Not Alone, But With Partners and Friends

We are a collaborative Danone team. We will stand firmly by our belief that it is better to walk together and share benefits, by engaging with more consumers and more communities, in our common quest to find better health through better food and beverage, for the greatest number.

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